Below are a few photos of our lumber yard and woodwork.

Maple Desktop
Portable Sawmill
Sawing cedar, salvaged from a construction site
Walnut Removal
The Mill Sawing Boards for Itself
Cedar Lumber and Live Edge Slabs

Here are just a few things we can do for you!

Wood Harvesting

With a lifetime of experience, Dave Evans of Fort Hoskins Woodwright expertly handles lumber from harvest to mill to handcrafted final piece.

Tree Removal

Oftentimes the trees are harvested in trade so please feel free to inquire if you need trees removed from your property as it may be able to be done at no cost to you..

Custom Cut Trees

We custom cut a variety of wood types from trees harvested all over the Pacific Northwest, from urban salvage to valley farms.

We are currently accepting new projects! Get in touch with us.

22659 Hoskins Rd, Philomath, OR 97370
(541) 929-2907

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Please Contact Us For:
- Custom or Pre-Cut Wood of all Types
- Handcrafted Wood Products of all Kinds
- Tree Removal Services